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The flagship of the FCF Family, First Consumers Financial, LLC has its home office in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

First Consumers Financial is a leader in consumer lending. With branch offices in LA, MS and TN, we can help you when you need us the most. We offer flexible financing plans and re-financing options. We also have great terms and low payments for all sorts of personal loans. FCF specializes in financing personal loans for people who have limited or impaired credit. The First Consumers Financial management team has over 40 years experience in the finance industry. We are committed to providing flexible finance options to our customers. If you have experienced credit problems in the past due to divorce, job layoff, or other reasons, get in contact with First Consumers Financial today. We have many finance programs designed to help people with previous credit issues or limited credit. Don’t let a previous bankruptcy or a low credit score stop you from getting a loan for what you need.

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Bob Chedville, the President of First Consumers Financial, LLC, over the years, has grown his company across Louisiana, Mississippi and Tennessee. FCF has become a force in the finance industry because we believe in treating our customers fairly.

Our company believes in offering flexible programs to our customers. This allows our customers who have special needs or circumstances that may have prevented them from obtaining financing through the larger, traditional lenders to secure a loan. We take the time to listen to our customer’s credit issues. Many times, First Consumers Financial can approve their loan after hearing their customer’s situation. And because FCF is a locally operated lender, we can shake our customer’s hands while looking them in the eye, which helps us approve more loans.

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First Consumers Financial, LLC

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